Welcome to Green Code

Green Code is the world’s pioneer chemical company in eco-friendly polyurethane. The product portfolio includes performance chemical products of water-based coatings used in thin-film material for textile, medical glove, metal protection, paper effect and other chemical products. As a reliable partner to virtually all industries, our smart solutions, environmental friendly and high-quality products add value to customers in every day’s life. Our products are:

Our goal is to use our eco-friendly products and services to successfully shape the better future of our customers, business partners and employees. In doing so, we aim to have sustainable business grow in profitability and value of our company.

Traditionally, manufacturers of nearly everything that surrounds us have relied on solvent-based coatings to improve the performance (i.e. durability, appearance, safety, etc.) of their products. However, growing political and social demands for earth and human-friendly products, technological advances in water-borne coatings, and manufacturers rising costs of regulatory compliance, are reshaping the coatings industry.

Water-borne technology has existed for decades; however, due to quality issues, application has been limited to select industries, with most users opting for solvent-based coatings.

The science behind Green Code’s product lines aims to overcome difficulties frequently experienced with water-borne industrial coatings, such as durability, adhesiveness, and overall performance.

Green Code’s truly waterborne, zero heavy metals contained, non-toxic resins and coatings materials which meet the application requirements are second to none in this industry.